artist photo

Victoria Rene Vinton

Artist Statement

I like using anything but a brush to apply my materials, the more tactile the better. It is the touching, scraping, coaxing, and basic unpredictability of it all that I enjoy. I try to keep a piece open to possibility until the last moment, when it’s reaching a finished point. 

I am intrested with the ideas of time passing. Day to day and in history.. Whether it be an aged piece of paper, caked cracked paint on a board, rusted iron or the late afternoon dappled sunlight in a grove of trees. The recurring patterns of these things intrest me. History's current events are just old events dressed up in todays fashion. The passing of time means something has happened, still can and always will. Time is not stagnant.

How it happens is often unpredictable, as is the practice of my work. The process connects me to my work. In this I hope it connects with it's viewers.